Our Beingness: Energies and Coherence

Workshops enable our blond, brunette and redheads to feed their inner life, their confidence while building a deep connection with their parents.


Our culture and Western pedagogy emphasize our expertise, performance, success. They teach us to take a sharp and analytical look outside and we project ourselves into the future.


Our workshops complement this approach by inviting children to make a trip to the heart of the present moment, and to (re) discover an interior space while hosting their feelings, their emotions, their dreams, their wishes, the beauty and uniqueness of their personality, and the importance of the link to the other.


These time capsules are like oxygen bubbles that allow children and their parents to reconnect with the magic of their reality and develop beyond the "know-how" and the materialistic idea of “having” their own individual and within the family skills.


These sharing moments allow you to take time together to discover new unexplored horizons and enrich them with smiles, kindness and trust.


The program:

• Breathing exercises, Mindfulness while seated or in movement, Introspection (drawing, words, musical instruments), Connecting with our inner nature (resonance, and relationship between the child and parent)

• Connect to our emotions, how to make them our allies.

• Playful and respectful communication with oneself, with others through words, through the body.

• Positioning the body and behavior.

• The workshops take place in a smooth and fun atmosphere where everyone learns to fully occupy his living space in respect of differences.

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