Our Beingness: Energies and Coherence

We offer a variety of workshops and conferences called "Energy-Health" for individuals. These meetings reconnect you gently and naturally to your full energy and health potential in all dimensions of your life: physical (sensation), emotional (feeling), rational (reason, mind), spiritual (intuition, management, meaning of life), relational, and professional.


Through various management practices of body and mind, we learn to drive the body in the well-being and nourish our lives by the positions, movements, behaviors, attitudes, breathing rhythms, thoughts, emotions, insights which basically increase our energy.


Our workshops are innovative by the unique synergy of three areas of expertise in well-being  and holistic health by combining the best advanced science, ancestral knowledge "mind-body" and bio-energy approaches.  They set up simple and natural new dynamics that generate coherence and harmony in our lives.


In practice:

The workshops are a time to reconnect with the present moment, in our inner being and our vital energy. Our appointments are friendly discussions in a small group. Throughout our meetings, we will discuss the "theoretical" key to transform directly into practical exercises and personal integration moments that respect each individual rhythm, and promote insights and autonomy in everyday practice.



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