Our Beingness: Energies and Coherence

We offer  personal and professional development support through a variety of proven tools such as coaching, NLP, systemic ... and in an innovative way by learning the management of individual, relational and collective energy sources of which the goal is to literally "energize" the individuals and teams, and to "boost" their motivations and developments.


We help our customers to realize the different levels and flow of internal and external energy that will allow charge their individual and collective energy batteries on the physical, emotional, mental, intuition / direction / spirituality, relational, professional and social levels.


We share with our customers simple and holistic methods validated by advanced scientific research: Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Quantum Physics, Clinical Psychology, Science and Psychology of emotions and behavior.


Our services are as follows:



- Coaching and mentoring executives, managers and their teams (performance, development and talent management)

- Collective intelligence and team cohesion

- Talent Development

- Happiness at Work

- Leadership and management


Our range of interventions  "DNA Health" in business is holistically structured around all the accompanying issues of change towards greater health, performance, ethics, conscience, confidence, and satisfaction within the company throughout its value chain and development of human and managerial skills:

- The quality of being through individual mastery (mind-body)

- The quality of relationships in teams and within the company by the development of relational and cooperative intelligence.

- The quality of work life by the culture of health in all its dimensions (personal, interpersonal, organizational, search for meaning) and the integration of tools and methodologies.

- The quality of the company's relationship with society (Sustainable Development and CSR)



Coaching and "Energy-Heath" workshops


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