Our Beingness: Energies and Coherence

An energy treatment is a gentle and natural approach to regain health that may be considered either in prevention or as part of a natural therapy (including accompaniment to conventional therapy). It is above all a powerful natural rebalancing of our energies on all levels of our existence: physical, mental, emotional and personal.


 A treatment is recommended in the following situations:


• Management of tiredness, stress, anxiety, and burnout

• Physical pains up to handicap

• Side effects of medical treatment (including chemotherapy)

• Phobias or emotional disorders

• Concentration and creativity

• Let go

• Self-confidence

• Develop your intuition

• Discover your hidden talents and choose your life

• Health and well-being at work

• Blocking situation on personal or business level

• "Mindfulness" approach to regain vitality and serenity (organization of walks and resourcing stays)

• Cardiac Coherence (use of the tool of the scientific Heartmath Institute)


 Example of a human electromagnetic field analysis BEFORE (left side) and AFTER (right side) a bioenergy session :




Example of an analysis of the stress level, energy level and balance BEFORE (on top) and AFTER (below) a bioenergy session :




* Measurements taken with an electrophometer next generation

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