Our Beingness: Energies and Coherence

The World Health Organization has published alarming figures about the growing number of burnout and stress.


Organizations, teams and individuals must constantly adapt to changing conditions and socio-economic environmental changes. This can be a challenge and a breeding ground for stress observed in the everyday life and at work.


In Belgium, the Royal Decree of April 10th 2014 on the prevention of psychosocial risks at work, that integrates and specifically defines the management of stress and burnout in comprehensive enterprise, join the Welfare Act of August 1996.



We assist companies in their needs and obligations of preventing stress management. We approach through counseling, accompaniment (coaching), training workshops or the regulatory framework defined by the implementing decree on the management of stress and burnout in business. Stress is present in all companies, in all workplaces, but does manifest itself differently. We offer a comprehensive approach to stress management by integrating the three dimensions of stress development chain on the workplace.

1. Prevention: Preventing risks, managing and preventing damage, limiting the damage.

We have a diagnostic tool able to detect with high sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility the individual stress level and energy level.

In case of stress, we offer individualized support.


2. Transversality intervention levels where stress can manifest:

- Organisation / company (diagnosis of stress in the organization, change management)

- Team / group

- Individual


3. Customization: The need to adapt different tools and methodologies depending on the situation. The solutions and approaches must be adapted to the context of companies.


For individuals: We offer special support sessions by "Energy-health".

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